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Port: 2593
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Client download

You can download client files for connecting to one of POLServer Test Shards, inside archive you will find unencrypted client (no Razor needed :)). You can log into "Ancaria - POLServer Test Shard" by simple changing Login.cfg.

»Ancaria TOL Client (version
»Login.cfg for "Ancaria - POLServer Test Shard"

Ancaria - POLServer Test Shard

Server is running on latest POLCore and Official Distro.

Create account

Server has an auto-account system, account will be created on first login attempt and will be auto deleted in 30 days if there will be no character on it.

If you have any problems please PM (boberski) on POLServer Forum or send email to or catch me on Discord.

Update status

Last Distro Update: 2017-12-30:20:51:16 CET
commit b95a2ec4ebe64eff1f788637f2abbb2471274a0d
Author: Admin\Me
Date: Wed Dec 27 00:59:34 2017 -0600

Fixed a 'case' issue with the runebook use.src script looking for I cheated and changed the file ref in the script to look for
Also added missing sounds for sliding doors and portcullis to the file.

Last POLCore Update: 2018-01-15:12:08:55 CET
commit e50bd96f4792ad407a2a8b503d126a4da2b79f39
Author: Kevin Eady
Date: Thu Jan 11 15:58:09 2018 +0100

More changes from review